OKBET Bingo Guide: How to Play 80 Ball Bingo?

OKBET Bingo Guide How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is one of the most popular variations of 90 ball bingo, and it was first popularized in the United Kingdom as’shutterboard bingo,’ because players had to close a window over the number that was called out. It pays homage to the classic old bingo halls.

Cards in the 80 ball bingo variant are divided into even 44 grids, leaving no space in the center of the card. The game uses 80 numbers, as the name implies, and each group of 20 is assigned its own color. For example, balls 21-40 could be yellow, 41-60 could be blue, and so on.

These color-coded groups make it easier for players to recognize when their number is called and mark it off, resulting in more enjoyable games all around. To add to the fun, players can win in more ways than with traditional 90-ball bingo, resulting in more satisfied customers.

The Rules of 80 Ball Bingo

Wait until the next game begins after purchasing your bingo card, which is never more than a few minutes online. In the ‘info’ bar, you can find important information such as the number of players, the potential pay-out, and the winning pattern required.

One of the key differences between 80 ball bingo and other bingo variations is that the caller will read out the color before the number. For instance, yellow 31, blue 55, and so forth.

Each number called will be displayed at the top of the screen, and if a matching number appears on your card, you must ‘daub’ the number. This essentially means covering the corresponding number. Unless you switch to manual entry, this will be done automatically. But don’t worry, a winning card is a winning card, and you are guaranteed a pay-out with a winning card, regardless of whether you miss a number manually or disconnect accidentally.

One of the most important things to remember about 80 ball bingo is that the rules vary greatly from site to site, with some offering multiple chances to win in each game and others only looking for a single pattern.

We hope to see you in one of our 80 ball bingo rooms.

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How to Win an 80 Ball Bingo Game

There are four different ways to win at 80 ball bingo. Prior to the start of each game, the winning pattern will be announced. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, and there is even a ‘four corners’ variant with 80 ball bingo.

To begin, be the first player to complete a (four number) line in any direction. The second way to win is with a full house, in which the first player to mark off all 16 numbers on their card wins the most money.

The third way to win is with two-lines, which occurs when a player notices two complete lines in any direction. In 80 ball bingo, there are an infinite number of patterns that can win, with the specific patterns that can win being announced before each game.

The fourth and final way to win is with ‘four corners,’ which means completing each of the four corners – the top and bottom squares of column one and the top and bottom squares of column four. A’square’ of four numbers in the middle will also pay out depending on the site you use and the pattern announced before the game.

When playing online 80 ball bingo, the computer will recognize a winner even if the card is not correctly daubed or you accidentally disconnect. The rest of the lobby will then be informed.

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Card layout for an 80-ball bingo game

80 ball bingo card layout

Cards are divided into 44 grids that are filled with numbers, including the center squares, for a total of 16 numbers per ticket.

The columns are divided into four different colors. Columns are typically colored;

  • 1-20 – Red
  • 41-60 – Blue 21-40 – Yellow
  • 61-80 – White

The card’s price is visible in the bottom left corner of your card.

With OKBET’s free online Bingo Card Generator, you can create your own bingo cards.

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Player Advice

Although online 80 ball bingo uses random number generation, there are some general strategies and tips you can use to slightly increase your chances of winning:

Choose your own cards: When compared to using the card that the computer randomly selects for you, choosing your own card with an even distribution of high and low numbers increases your chances of winning.

Choose different numbers: In 80 ball bingo, the more random your numbers, the better your chances of winning. As a result, it makes sense to choose bingo cards with different numbers than the rest of your cards.

Maximize your budget: The more cards you play with, the greater the chance of a pay-out, so buying the most cards you can afford increases your chances of winning mathematically. However, remember to stay within your limits, and when the fun stops, stop.

Keep an eye out for specials: OKBET will occasionally offer special prizes to players. Another offer may include participating in any other promotional activities that are available at the time, which will increase your chances of winning with any free bets you are given.