Online Slot Machines That Travel Through Time and Space

Online Slot Machines That Travel Through Time and Space

Many of us have fantasized about becoming astronauts and launching into space, if only in our imaginations, to view our planet from above, surrounded by the millions and trillions of stars that call space home. But now, thanks to the strange and wondrous world of online casinos, we can virtually explore the world above us!

Not only do virtual casinos offer players the chance to participate in online Slots gambling, but they also permit players to explore digitally created worlds, such as outer space.

We figured it was time to board a rocket and explore a space-themed slot machine for ourselves, as the space theme is a favorite among many players who log in daily. Care to join us?

Don your spacesuit and board the ship!

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Starburst, which is set in a galaxy far, far away, allows players, regardless of where they log in, to blast off into space and play among the stars.

As you virtually float through space, you will notice the game grid of this slot, which consists of five reels, three rows, and ten paylines.

The objective of this slot machine is to create winning matches of three or more symbols from left to right or right to left on the game grid. To assist you in creating these potential winning combinations, the following symbols orbit the reels:

  • Purple gem
  • Blue gem
  • Orange gem
  • Green gem
  • Yellow gem
  • A red seven-sided ball
  • A BAR globe
  • A multicolored star serves as the slot’s wild symbol.

Each time you create a winning combination on the reels, each symbol in the winning combination will explode off the game grid into stardust before vanishing from view. The gaps created will be filled with falling symbols, allowing for the formation of new winning combinations and additional explosions.

As if that weren’t enough, each time the multicolored star shoots into play and helps create winning matches, the star will explode with the other symbols in the match, but will expand and cover the reels to remain in place for the next spin – this only happens during the free spins round, but it’s a spectacular sight to see in the sky when it does!

So if you’re up for a spacewalk or want to see the gaming world from a different angle, perhaps a trip to a galaxy far, far away is what you need.

When can we expect to see you waving from the moon or riding a shooting star through the virtual slot skies? Or will you choose a terrestrial endeavor and leave space exploration to the astronauts? As always, the decision is up to you! Kindly Gamble Responsibly!